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S.B. Electronic Industries was founded in 1975, since then it has been dealing in the production of Transformer Spare Parts. Now it is an established manufacturer of all types of Transformer Spare Parts like Transformer Clamp, Transformer Bobbin, Lamination, etc.

We primarily produce different types of Clamps and ensure that every batch undergoes the sampling tests including dimension measurement, hardness test and final end-product inspection. Our Bobbins are light but strong with complete gearing system and are made available at low maintenance and competitive prices. We manufacture:
  • Cover for Slim Fitting Transformer
  • L-Clamps for Standing Transformers
  • Rectangle Clamps for Horizontal Fittings
  • U-Clamps for Horizontal Fittings
  • Z-Type Clamps for Slim Fitting Transformers
In order to obtain an increasing network of clients in the global market, we have developed absolute efficient working on Clamps, Cover Fittings for Transformer and other Spare Parts for the Transformers and Voltage Stabilizers.
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